Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cost Containment limits CCAC services for seniors

Last week, just when I thought we were turning a corner on improving the emergency room services and the access to senior services at home, I was completely floored to find out that Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) are putting seniors on wait lists for homecare services and, at the time same, sending them home from the ER without proper care. I cannot understand a system that expects people, who have paid into the health care system for their entire lives, to accept this poor level of service. Should you be aging, or have a family member who is aging, please educate yourself on the services that are available to you and how to access these services or you may find yourself with no one caring for you except your family.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marketing and Communicating to the "over 50's"

  • If you run a business, sell a product or provide a service, it is important to run your business with the “over 50” market in mind. They hold the largest disposable income that our industrialized world has ever seen and it is important to know this customer and make their experience a positive one.

    Use a minimum 12 point font size to ensure that older eyes can easily read about what you are trying to sell.

    Printed materials are easier to read if there is lots of white space and there is dark type on a light background

    Ensure your client care specialists speak clearly and slowly when answering customer inquiries

    When designing web pages, make sure there is a magnifier easily visible to adjust type to a larger size

    Offer easy access to a live person for questions not easily answered on line or through computerized menus