Monday, January 11, 2010

Signs of aging bubble to the surface during holiday season

Here we are in the second week of January 2010. The holidays can be a whirlwind and the return to routine is welcomed by many.
As we reminisce about our family times over the holidays, this may be the time that you realize your parents or relatives are starting to show signs of aging.
Did your Aunt, who lives alone and does not get out much, look un-kept or her house uncharacteristically dirty.
Did your Mom seem distant in the family get together because she was having a hard time hearing?
Did your cousin, who lost her husband last year, still appear to be depressed and having trouble living alone?
If any of these ideas strike a cord with you, don’t sit idly by. You care for these people and there are resources available to help. Open the dialogue and then research what help can be provided. Share your caring ways the whole year through. All the best for 2010.