Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion for all ages

Recently we had the absolute privilege of clothing shopping for a very fashion savvy senior. At 97, and a former fashion designer herself, she was tired of having clothing that did not fit, would bunch up and wrinkle when she sat down, and were just not all that comfortable or attractive.
This lady knew exactly what she wanted. Colours and patterns, not humdrum beige and black patternless materials that you see a lot of seniors wearing. Something that would look smart, yet would move with her body and not be too tight going across her Osteoporosis challenged spine.
We started by measuring her and then asking her what she did like that was in her wardrobe. The bright colours seemed to always make her happy, as did the clothing that did not wrinkle up too easy.
After a few hours, we had virtually emptied her closet of clothing too small or just not something she would wear. Taking samples of materials and styles that she did like with us, and armed with the measurements that we had taken, we came back one week later with bags full of clothing. A few nice jackets, that she could mix and match, a number of pairs of pants and a lot of great tops. She was thrilled!!! . Remember, aging in style keeps us all young at heart!

Friday, July 17, 2009

CCAC expands service to seniors

It is a true pleasure to be able to report that CCAC (Community Care Access Centres) are adding services that they provide for seniors. The addition of assistance, from this vital organization, of placement into Adult Day Care programs, will be a real benefit to members of the community who are caring for their loved one's in home. Adult Day Care is a true God send for people who want to keep their loved one's at home but need some time to themselves and a place for their loved one where they will be cared for and understood. It will be a great asset to have CCAC provide this placement service for their clients. Well done...let's keep adding these kinds of services for our seniors. They deserve all the help they can get.