Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aging issues get well deserved ink

Recently a number of books have been released that reflect the needs of our aging population.The Essential Hospital Handbook helps families navigate the hospital system and advocate for their ailing loved one's.

You could live a long time, are you ready? is another must read since we are all aging but we can learn little from previous generations since there has never been this many people, advancing in age, at the same time, with such a high life expectancy.

And, for my co-author and I, May will be a monumental month with the release of our book Now What? A Practical Guide to Dealing with Aging, Illness and Dying. The book is available at Chapters and can be ordered from our website http://www.officialnowwhat.com/

Written as if you were speaking with your best friend, we offer advise in a friendly, heart-to-heart manner with factual material in easy to read, short passages. Now What?? provides answers to questions you did not even know to ask.