Monday, May 18, 2009

Seniors and $950 million for Toronto LRT

As the Government announces a $950 million infusion of cash to fuel the creation of a raised light rapid transit line (LRT) in Toronto, I hope that the increasing needs of seniors will be factored in.
Think about it, a large amount of our population is senior and increasing exponentially and simultaneously, as the scheduled completion date, for the first section, in 2013 approaches rapidly.
Will seniors, using walkers, scooters and wheelchairs be part of the design….not only the car design, but also the platform and the access to the middle street design?
With more and more seniors, either unable to drive or unwilling, this new system needs to address their physical abilities.
If done right, this new system could provide mobility for many into their 80's. Let's get this right and keep our senior population mobile, able and independent as long as possible.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

H1N1 brings back SARS memories

Over the past few weeks, as people around the globe prepared for a possible H1N1 pandemic, my thoughts turned to SARS. Although my own Dad did not die of SARS, his demise was certainly hastened due in part to SARS.

Being unable to visit loved ones in the hospital due to contagious diseases, certainly puts even greater pressure on the health care system, to ensure that the people you love will be in good hands.
In my own situation, because I was not allowed to enter the hospital to visit my Dad, I was unable to ensure that he was eating. Once I did force my way in, I found out that he was not eating and, in fact, was unable to eat due to a sprained wrist and arthritis . This led to high levels of toxins from too much medication and not enough food.

As concerns for H1N1 continue to grow, I would recommend being vigilant with hand washing for any aging relatives that you may have. Should they need to go to the hospital, do not assume that you will be allowed to visit and, if you cannot visit, give thought as to how some of their basic aspects of daily living will be provided.